BIO: I was born into a family of artist, musicians, writers, actresses, and dreamers. . .  Originally born in Ohio to a conservative  family. We moved to the East where my father pursued his creative dreams as an international architect; so naturally I have to play suit in my creative life path in both in fine art and music. We moved to Connecticut where I was lucky enough to have a great teacher from Julliard.  Then, a chance meeting and some private coaching sessions from Vladimir Horowitz, and later Claudio Arrau. . . Sometimes I feel like the 'Forrest Gump,' of Piano, not sure why people like it,  but I keep playing it anyway.

 I knew from an very early age I was in love with the piano, it was my life, heart and breath.  My whole childhood developed into self-imposed practice session that often forced my parents to pull me away, choosing  Beethovan over the Beatles.  By the time I was twelve I could play Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #2 by memory, I had also written a number of short piano pieces, and illustrated them with watercolor paintings (I love color).  I'm a Classically trained pianist,  and was offered a scholorship to Julliards Pre-College progam by age 15. Then, that Summer  on the night of August 5th,  one month away from my first semester I was involved in  a near death experience (Fatal car crash- a friend died, all five surviving were injured).  I endured a head injury, two broken hands, months of recooperating, and years of ligament damage. 

Returning to the keyboard would be quite a journey to return to my first passion, my music.  Then in the course of rehabbing my arm, hands and movement I was advised to play through the pain or lose nerve sensation through atrophy.  Dr. Lee was right, daily excersize, scales, and warm water therapies put it all back in order.  Then I took up Opera at the Singers Forum in NYC, with the beleif my playing days were over.  I was at the Forum for three years studying scores, acting, stage craft, costuming, got married- divorced and returned to Connecticut.

Further challenges arrived when an iceskaing injury tore my left arm ligament in 1999, further testing my faith, and strengthening path beleif in a higher power, that would intervene to heal the bad tear.  Trust  me, a torn ligament is more excruciating than a broken hand.  I feel for the poor dudes sentenced to medeival torture chambers, the rack!

I have found in my journey, when one creative ebb  goes dormant, another opens.  Upon my families urging I had gone back to art school to receive my A.A./B.A.  I' became a member of the American Portrait Society. Not satisfied just with graphic design, I studied portraiture with the now Late, British artist Kay Kirkeness.  I sought other creative outlets, ways to express music.  I joined a few choirs, found I hate church politics, and loathe singing in cold weather. Volunteering to sing for senior homes, synagogues, and chuches sufficed (the David Short Singers, NY, NJ & CT).

I beleive  we meet muses in our lives who set us back on track, and inspire we artists to create.  I was invited to join the Westport Theater group to help out; stage, costume, singing, whatever was needed.  I was invited to play for a local Inn where a loney piano called out my name. There I fell back into my lifes desire, and was reacquented with my first love, my music. When my muse entered the building, my playing kicked it up a notch, I was inspired like never before, suddenly remembering pieces I hadn'[t played for years. . .  the result is my first album, Marguerite- Dreams & Visions.  . . It has set me back on a long derailed track, and for that I am greatful.  'I love a piano . . . Oh, Oh, Oh - P-i-a-n-o!!!'  

The healing had taken place and in all honesty I'm not sure my left hand was this good before. God does move in mysterious ways, and I am blessed. I am currently working on my next two albums with interest in my voice.  All my piano music is original, save the small tableu of classical reptoire I'm recording for a few beloved fans (Hey Bill didn't forget ya!)  I'm working on, the songs will be acquired and a few written.  Please Book mark my site for updates, and new releases.  I thank you for you interest in my creative efforts, may Gods Love always be with you.

Marguerite Dreams & Visons, Live from the Westport Inn 2004 (c)  Available Now 15.00 PH/US territories
ISBN 8-25346-52152-7 (c) 2004

Marguerite-Signs & Wonders 
Magruerite - A Connecticut Soiree'
(Outtakes from video will be found on youtube+1996 CD remix
Marguerite- Classics by the ABC's A-Z collection of top ten best love piano favorites.
Marguerite- My Music
Marguerite-  Spirits of the West
Marguerite-Voices from my past

Did I mention I'm crazy about horses? Here is my favorite horse, the Friesian. I know I had one in another life, they're like big dogs, and equally as adorable.  Horses inspire me. . .

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