• NU-Classical, Nu Classique, a term I like to call the music I compose and perform. 

    In our modern world it is easy to label everyone and every thing,  my music has been compared(labeled) to;  New-Age, Ambiant, Classical, a movie soundtrack, because the score tends to inspire visionary imagery(thanks), to a certain musicologists opinion: 'You found the missing pages of Debussey's song book,' (Thanks again.) Some pieces remind listeners of Rachmaninoff,  Shubert,  Bach, George Winston, to Yanni;  As I keep playing I'm sure the list will continue to grow. Why,  just  today I was compared to Jim Barret (Grammy awards 09').  Then to experience audiences asking; "
    Wow, where can I buy your CD's!?"

    NEW AGE, Unfortunately is a general term for music not really fitting into a labeled category.  I am an openminded Creative, and share some universal concepts often grouped with people of this genre,' yet I think it is safe enough to say Marguerite's Music is worked on artisitically, compositionally, and is performed with solid technique behind it and substance.  But more importantly I've enjoyed listeners who say, "You know, I don't really like Classical music, but I like what you're doing." 
    Composers of Ole,' I compose and perform my music. Some music comes to me as a breif tune that I embellish later, sometimes when I'm warming up a new one is born. Movie soundtracks drive me crazy because my ear wants to change phrases or enhance them. Pop-Music has been heavily infulenced and often enhanced by the scores of Romantic, Classiscal, Baroque Master's.  Beethovan would take long walks in his woods and come back to write a new piece of music inspired by nature. I sort of work the same way,the natural world inspires me. . . Then enters my muse!

    Having said that; I believe there is global movement toward this type of music; less synthesizer, more acoustical artistry. Don't get me wrong my studio friends, I own a professional Casio 88 Midi Keyboard, and it has sufficed when my studio grand piano was in storage, and I was forced to  endure East Coast housing. . . It also helps in traveling to gigs where they did not have a piano, per se'; But, there is nothing like a well tuned accoustical concert instrument.  Here are Great examples and some favorites of mine;

                                    i.Steinway - Models, D' M' L'O' (The 'L' is a dream, but love the 'M')
                                    ii.Baldwin (100 % USA, Liberace's#1 choice, We miss you Lee, Also a favorite of Jazz legends.  Billy Joel was spotted using a Baldwin grands on stage,don't discount its value.)
                                    iii.BeckStein ( German import, comparable to Steinway -worth owning)
                                    iv.Boesendorffer (The Rolls Royce of pianos-An Awesome instrument.)
                                     v.Chickering (Older models concert variety are nice, lovely tone)
                                    vi. Wulitzer
    (My tuner said the one I played at my last job was"garbage, but I    managed to make it come alive, and found the sound and action highly redeemable. A few tracks of my First recording were done on that piano, experts think I'm on the Steinway 'L' used later in the project, (LOL))

    NOTE: I have learned not all pianos's are created equal, the artist should really take a test drive before committing, this is why many artists travel with their own instrument.  A good piano is like a pair of custom fitting shoes.
              I did not include the Asian brands because honestly, I don't like them. There is a flatness of accoustical tone and overtones due to synthetic parts. However several piano's of Asian creation are excellent quality for the hobbiest and well suit humid climates because their woods are derived from native forests that are humid, and they repel warping, cracking, and from what I understand, wayward cocktails! Kawaii, Yamaha, Knabe, are all suited for beginners, and mid level students. 

    Concert artists will agree with me, the sound is everthing. It's comparable to an Opera singer who really can project vocally Bel Canto, without a microphone to a rock singer who has everything mircophoned up. Accousical verses platic laminants to midis.  There are some electric pianos that have been programmed with the premium grand piano sounds, like the Steinway 'L', Boesendorffer, etc. With a good mixing system, and well placed speakers the affect can fool the ear. 

    But there is nothing like a live unenhanced performance where virtuosity meets the senses.  I love playing, and have been inamored with the full 88 since I was barely four.  Tru-love of the art is when you don't have to be told to practice, such is my music.

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