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 MARGUERITE - DREAMS & VISIONS - Live from the Westport Inn

PLAY LIST: Story of each piece and how they came about: This is for my friends in INDIA who are quite astute music loverws and fans, this one's for you!

1.) Sacred Garden - Was originally conceived in 1992 while meditating at the Byoda Buddhist temple in Hawaii.   The windchimes blew on sea breezes, it was magical.  The monks allowed us to stay longer and meditate with their sacred garden, a privalage reserved for high holy people, and chosen civiliians. There I learned how to catch koi fish, pet it  and release it. Our parting gifts were the most generous of all, gargantuan gardenia flowers.  For months on end I could smell their fragrance,  hear the windchimes, feel the universal peace flow through my soul.  The opening section is meant to mimic the feel and sound of an asian scale (Pentatonic scale) with a zen - feeling. From there, the piece developed into the complex layers it is today.  After a long hard day I call this my meditation piece, it has also been my warm up piece when I need to get into my creative center. 12:55min

2.) Through Angels Eyes - Developed during the time we assembled this recording.  It grew one afternoon when I was working at the hotel. I had recently had an angelic encounter that still inspires me to this day.  Signs & wonders fit into this whole phenomonon, and the gift of unconditional love.  It set my mind to wondering how an angel see's our world, our lives through their eyes?  This is a fun and whimsical piece enjoy it as much as I di performing it. 6:02 min

3.) Mystic Love -  This takes me back to the time where 'Love Story,' the epic theme songs of soap opera's passed, and pop charts that  droned out heartwrenching love ballads. I have played with his theme for two decades and decided I like it was best performed as a moving spirit, where the emotions of unconditional love, new love, first love wrapped into a single feeling move in and out of each other. The little
dee-dah, at the end is like a sweet kiss.  To me love is in the realm of the mystical, fleeting and elusive. It requires an open soul to truly reciprocate unconditionally, mystic love is not stranger to all things good. This kind of love doesn't own you, it is not possessive, it is not angry, it is pure and of light. 5:03min

4.) Espana La Fantasia -  1980 (c) It grew out of my love for Malaguenia, and Rachmaninoffs show pieces that wreak of passion,  love, lust, struggle, loss, sensual beauty,  the epic of human emotion I beleive that Spanish culture has given the world over the centuries through its' art and music; Flemenco, bull fighting, Don Juan, paintings, horse training, diverse landscape of emotions.  It sweeps a vast landscape of emotions.  A pianist could pour theirsoul into their piece. The piece featured here is the short version at 14:16 min. I have been advised to feature this in its' entirety for a future concert and single recording. I held off playing the opening prelude because of the physical strength it required at the time.  Each day the repairs enhance the performance.  The missing pages measure about sixteen pages of demaning octaves, trills, and descending cadencing. Aside from my passion for this piece it was designed to be a show piece. 14:16min

5.) Summer Flight - Inspired by the New England coast line and rugged nature of the long island, I was tried to recreate that gliding feeling of winds and  the majestic beauty of Canadian Geese flying touch n' goes, seagulls gliding on thermals and sandpipers poking through the sands. 7:07min
6.) Sailing -  I grew up in a coastal town where the highlight of the summer was to spend part of the day at the beach, or score a seat on a friends sailboat.  I tried to recapture the magic of sunlight dapling on waves, sailboats gliding around the point, and sea breezes brushing your cheek, that free unencumbered feeling that brings us all back to simpler, gentler times, when the summer was a treat. 4:14min

7.) 1832 Dejavu' -
Based on a a true story of a past life, love lost, and lost souls being reuinited.
Once upon a time there lived a young Baroness betroved to a Duke 30 years her senior.  Though they were conspicuosly far apart in age, the Baroness adored her Duke, and he her.  The repsect between them was immeasurable.  He was Belgian, she was French.  Nobles in their kingdoms did not approve the match, despite her families desire for his titles, and her money.  Her father the great Baron, willingly surrendered her hand in marriage, the young Baronesses Cousin, a French Prince Regent objected and conspired to have the young bride kidnapped on her wedding day.  in Route to their chateuax a highwayman assaulted their entourage. The Great Duke was wounded in a forced duel by a mysterious dark swordsman who fled the scene of the fallen royal, beleiving he had wounded and killed his Excellency.  Not beleiving the young Duchess's fervent plea, the peasants attacked the stranger and the young woman.  Her French cousin perpetuated the duel wass a masked assasination attempt in order to conceal her secret lover, the foreignor swordsman. Fearing for their lives the foreignor abducted the Baroness to a strange and wild land called New Orleans.  In this strange untamed land,  she  mourned her Duke, and accepted her fate to be the swordsmans wife.  He was a brutal husband, a gambler and adulterer.  She was saved by a privateer who sheltered her and sheilded her from the cruel mans assaults. Suspecting the facts of the Dukes death was false, the privateer   traveled to France - the Venice, the Dukes new home, seeking him out, and learned he had survived the brutal attack.  He then arranged for the Duke and his men to retreive his Duchess, and rightful bride. 
               It was then arranged; during  Mardi Gras she would flee into the night with the help of the privateer who would sail her to her Duke on his grand ship. Rumors abounded, the plot foiled, the Duchess was shot in cold blood by the brutal man.  When News of the Duchesses tragic demise reached the Duke he fell into great remorse and did not speak another word. . . Legend has it he returned to his winter Palazza  in Venice, and retired to his suite where they had once shared company. In the morning the maid found the Duke hanging from the chandeleir. Some beleived he had done it to finally be reuinted with her in death, others beleived such an act puts off the union to another lifetime. 8:00min

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