Recently we moved to Colorado from the East Coast.  This is the reason I'm redoing my site, and my webhost frient retired his business. 

Life in the The West took a bit of getting used to, what with the chronic sunny days, and widespread open spaces, horses everywhere it seems, friendly people, and warm temps, but we'll survive. 

My piano made the challenging East - West journey crammed into a 26 foot rental truck, through three ice storms and a heavy load.  Unloading the Steinway k-52 seemed the worst part of the whole event. We waited until the last minute.  I hired piano experts for that. We unloaded a good portion of boxes into a storage unit until we could get organized and regrouped (I hate clutter!!!); We decided to call our rental truck perk, two free moving men for two hours who were experts in piano moving. We saved our furnature and the dreaded piano for that little blessing.  When they arrived we were stunned. They were two of the biggest men I've ever seen, like lumber jacks on steroids. Like clockwork,  in went the bedrrom sets, a desk, a sideboard, then;  the odious piano . . .    Our super heros' hurled a tripple dresser with ease, a french armoire like clockwork, Tex, and Bubba.  . .These guys were awesome. Then the moment came, theyy picked up little Blackie (my piano) like they were hauling a laundry basket, And I Quote;
"Why Ma'am this here piano's light as a feather!, but you'rn car best get some warshin, cuz all  that road salts gonna confuse the cows round here into thinkin you got the biggest salt lick in southern Colorado; why the'll lick it to death!"  (There begins my baptism into sWestern humor) 

My 22 year old car had also been hauled on the back ot the truck and painted with road salt for 2,700 miles!  The results, my bumpers rusting out this summer.  I wish some things would stay preserved, and not dissentrate molecularly : ( . .  The piano needs its' own humdifier, so do I actually, but it is nice to have it out of CT storage. My dream is to own a concert piano. I hear tell Denver has a few? I'm going to visit the Steinways up there. Like to try a Baldwin to.

Been writing a concert peice that has russian understones.  Even my pciky brother wants to hear more of this piece. Part of the art is training the fingers to accept the artistic nuances, and technical embelishments. For years playing octaves was nearly imposssible, but each year after myhealing it becomes less of an obstachle. I love to play whats in my head, then see it come to fruition. Can't wait until my sound man arrives in Denver. We begin recording new tracks this fall. 

First Post! 07/21/2009
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